(Almost) only for french-speaking / writing people

Hello, this is the Great Administrator of this blog writing – for a small warning : I often find comments on my posts, comments in english. To be honest, more comments in english than in french.

I’m not trying to get the biggest number of comments on my blog ; I don’t give a damn for that. Moreover, I will discard systematically all comments written in english.

Why ?

– first, english sounds weird to my ears. It’s almost impossible to ear the « r », the « w » is uttered like a mashmallow betweeen the cheeks… hard to listen, hard to speak, not to mention our « ze » where we should say « the ».

– second, this is a french blog, and I like my language, I like it very much, and I’m proud of it.

To sum up : if your comments are written in french, OK… otherwise –> right-clic –> delete !

English-writing Tibert

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